Monday, June 28, 2004

Pat and Dad

WWII memorial

Had a wonderful time with my dad, my sister, and their families last weekend when we all went to the WWII memorial downtown and then went to Generous Georges for lunch.

Monday, June 14, 2004


Went to the Madonna concert last night at the MCI center. It was awesome! She performed for 2 hours straight. Lots of older songs. Really, really cool.

Also this weekend, went to the Pride parade and festival. Both were good, saw Robert's friend Mary Ellen, and Steven. Fun times.

Washington DC - Gay Pride July 12-14, 2004

Jammie, Robert, Mary Ellen and Steven @ Pride

Float at Pride :)

Mary Ellen and Steven @ Pride

Mary Ellen and Robert at Cosi

Friday, June 11, 2004

Training This Week

Hi, this will be my first "non-picture" post. I will probably only post when I have pictures, but maybe once a week I will write even if there are no pictures.

This week has been a training week for me. I was at work on Monday, but since then I have been training at Learning Tree @ Twinbrook Metro.

Also, this week is President Regan's funeral. EEI was closed today because of this.

This weekend is of course Pride in DC and Robert and I are also going to the Madonna concert on Sunday. (Should have pictures to post!)

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Fixed a computer and drank too much

We went over to try to fix Crystie's computer last night. Of course, after that we had to have a few drinks and Ted was gracious enough to drive us home. So we had to take the metro back into town today and get the car. It was actually really nice to walk around town in the light rain. I like spending time in town and hope we can do it more often.

Memorial Day @ Rehoboth

Last weekend (Memorial Day) Robert and I went to Rehoboth beach. Our friends Ted and Crystie came for a day. They were really great, expecially since the place we stayed stunk to high heaven! Of course we had a blast, drank a little bit too much Franck Muller Replica and went dancing at Cloud 9.

Starting a new blog!

Well I hope this is easy thing to keep up to date and it becomes a habit! I've been wanting to make a blog to make it easier to put up my pictures. I'm not very talkative so there probably won't be many words on this blog. :)