Thursday, April 21, 2005

The living room. Very 60's ish! But, remember it was designed in 1930, a year after the stock market crash, and Model-T's were what people were driving!

The stairs under the first terrace lead directly to the river! There was almost as much terrace floor space as indoor living space.

Robert next to Fallingwater. Frank Lloyd Wright built this for the Pittsburgh department store mogal, Kaufman, in 1930. He built it over the waterfall (a few years back it was destined to fall in the water, but they were able to shore it up!)

Loby of the Cathedral of Learning, was amazing that there was a 50 story high rise above this medival loby.

Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. Very interesting 50 story building in the middle of nowwhere on campus.

USS (US Steel) office bulding. Very reminicient of the Sears tower in Chicago, but with exposed, slightly rusted, steal. Very cool

This is Pittsburgh. We stayed a weekend here because we were going to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. (1 hr away vs. 4 hrs. from DC)