Friday, September 16, 2005

We also saw the Sears Tower. I think this might be the 10th time I have seen it. of course I jest, maybe only 5 times.

We went to Frank Lloyd Write's house & studio in Oak Park.

Richard, Robert & Donat the apithaiter at Millenium Park

The gang in the reflection. Me, Robert, Don, Richard

the new Milinium Park was great. This kennedy shaped chrome art was brilliant

In September we went to Chicago with our friends Don & Richard. We stayed at the Hotel Birnham; a renovated office building.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

More great architecture

the Architecture was amazing

the old town streets were beautiful

This is one of PR famous turrets. They are really cool, we walked out to one of them they are precariously positioned over the edge of the wall.

One of the reasons we own PR is it's stretegic location. This is part of the wall that encircles the whole old town

We went to San Juan Porto Rico in September. It was really cool. It's not restate of course; but I certainly feels like it. Every thing is in English. Except most people (even in the city) only speak Spanish.