Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ok this was just so interesting... This little stuffed mouse was just sitting on the side of the road waving hi to all passerby.

Some of the beautiful cannals, bridges, and buildings in Amsterdam.

After London we went to Amsterdam this year. Robert is standing in front of one of the most amazng things. It is very moving. They have a Holocaust monument dedicated to the Homosexuals that where also persecuted.

Robert in front of one of the pools of the Roman Baths. The water is warm and you can still touch it. You are suppose to drink 3 glasses of this very water to stay healthy! They sold it by the glass (still warm) for 50 pence (about a dollar).

Steven listening to the audio tour of the baths of Bath.

Robert with Stonehenge on our day trip to Stonehenge/Bath. This was the first time I had been to Stonehenge and I have always been intriged with it.