Friday, March 03, 2006

The sign at the old "Check Point Charlie" Now a complete tourist trap.

Our hotel in Berlin

the dome was completely open air (very cold in February)

To see the dome you get to go to the roof.

the Reich-tag and the German flag

the new dome on their new Parliment Building. replica rolex watches The call it the Reichtag building

Not sure of the year

Steven at said gate

Robert at the Brandenburg Gate. We are technically in East Germany here. The wall was on just on the other side of this monument.

The last part of the Berlin wall still standing. Very little is left and I believe this part is national landmark

The Mexican Embasy

After London we went to Berlin. I loved Berlin, it brought back memories of Germany from my childhood when I lived there for 3 years

Robert trying to figure out why it was so hot in the room

Lavonne and Maggie (aka Nancy)

Our yearly trip to London for Steven's work! This is the Hilton we stay at on Park Lane